Extreme Risk Protection Order (ERPO)

The ERPO Act is based on the framework and procedure of domestic-violence protection orders in the Prevention of Domestic Violence Act, N.J.S.A. 2C:25-17 to -35. An ERPO is a civil court order that is issued by a judge upon consideration of the evidence related to a number of factors, prompted by a petition by a family or household member or law enforcement officer. Under the Act, a court would consider evidence presented whether the respondent: has a history of threats or acts of violence; has a history of use (including attempted and threatened use) of physical force; is subject to or violated any protective orders; has been arrested, charged, or convicted of any violent indictable crime or disorderly-persons offense, stalking offense, or domestic violence offense; has been charged with crimes of animal cruelty; has a history of substance abuse; or has recently acquired a firearm or ammunition.