Shooting Response Team

Shooting Response Team

Pursuant to guidelines established by the New Jersey Attorney General, the Prosecutor is required to investigate all incidents involving the use of deadly force by law enforcement officers.  Police officers are often required to respond to situations where they may have to use their service firearm or other forms of physical force in response to threatened or actual attacks.  If a police officer’s response involves the discharge of that officer’s firearm, or the use of deadly force resulting in serious injury or death, the matter is investigated by the Prosecutor’s Office.  Such investigations are also initiated whenever an individual dies while in police custody.  In appropriate cases, the evidence is presented to the Grand Jury for a determination as to whether the conduct of the police officer should be the subject of criminal charges, or whether the police officer was justified in using deadly force.

 The Passaic County Prosecutor’s Office Shooting Response Team is tasked with conducting these investigations to ascertain whether the force used was justified, legal and proper pursuant to established use of force guidelines.  This team is comprised of dedicated, experienced investigative and legal staff who strive to conduct independent investigations fairly, expeditiously, thoroughly and impartially in accordance with governing Attorney General directives, The Shooting Response Team must balance the equally crucial goals of public transparency with the need to protect the integrity of the investigation in response to public or press inquiries relating to specific details while an investigation is active.  A public statement is released at the conclusion of all use of deadly force investigations.  


 2015 Amendment to Attorney General Directive 2006-5, Supplemental  Law Enforcement Directive Regarding Statewide Uniform Procedures and Best Practices in Police Use-of-Force Investigations 

 New Jersey Attorney General’s Use of Force Policy