Bias Crimes Unit

Bias Crimes Unit

The Bias Crimes Unit is staffed with Assistant Prosecutors and Investigators tasked with the investigation and prosecution of Bias crimes within Passaic County. 

A Bias Incident is an act which targets a person, group of persons, or property because because of a bias against one's:

Race, Color, Religion, Gender, Disability, Sexual Orientation, National Origin, and Ethnicity

The Bias Legal Team consists of and can be contacted via the below email:

Chief Assistant Prosecutor In-Charge Jennifer Fetterman -
Senior Assistant Prosecutor Billy Can -
Assistant Prosecutor Haley Leibowitz -
Assistant Prosecutor Jessica Petrella -

The Bias Investigative Team consists of:

Detective Lieutenant Maria Tejada -
Detective Sergeant Michael Boone -
Detective First Grade Lisette Colon -
Detective Anthony Latoracca -